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Menotti Revisited

Nov. 4th, 2006 | 11:41 pm

Menotti The Original Italian Café
252 North Bridge Road
#01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: (65) 6333 9366 Fax: (65) 6339 4907


we decided to have the set menu. Give menotti another chance to redeem itself from its plain pasta and substandard service.

tagliatelle with scallops and mushrooms
"oily noodles were tasty but the scallops were tasteless.
We still finished it all, can't be that bad if we finished it =) "

"warm chocolate cake" once again

Service was still substandard and i wished they could put in a little more effort to train their part-time staff better. Good Service does go a long way!

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Wine For Asia 2006

Nov. 4th, 2006 | 08:08 pm

Its been one hectic week of working, cooking and marketing.

Spent a whole day at esplanade and i thought to myself, no matter how tight time is i cannot afford to miss this year's Wine For Asia at expo!

It ends at 8pm, finished work at 6.30, rushed down to expo. Spent 70 mins tasting wines!
Absolutely enjoyed myself there. Can't wait for next year's Wine For Asia.

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Haato's Green tea icecream

Nov. 3rd, 2006 | 11:35 pm

I am a green tea freak. I cannot deny that

After sampling tons of green tea icecream around the world.
The best in Japan of course, Don't think anyone can compete with the modest sushi bars and their homemade icecreams.

Haato's Green tea definately deserves a scoop!

Outlets: 5 Ridgewood Close, tel: 6464-9607
Liang Court B1-50, tel: 6337-8835
Wheelock Place 02-18A, tel: 6737-2770
Serangoon Garden Village, 01-02, tel: 6289-3502

Other popular flavours:
Green tea with reed bean (90% of the time it is sold out)
Black sesame

Best Friend brought this tub over, it made my week. (half gone in 2 days)

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Cheese and fudge tasting!

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 11:13 pm

Ron and Bernie came over to be cheese, fudge, tea, honey, wine judges.

lavender, wasabi, smoked cheddar (which taste like bacon), vintage cheddar, blue cheese, red chilli, quince paste (taste fabulous with cheese!), muscat grapes
A very warped cheese platter... Putting a toll on our palates

Round of FUDGE!
dark chocolate (hot favorite), hazenut, vanilla, strawberry, ginger and peacan, macademia

All these food items can be found in tasmania.

Ashgrove Cheese
6173 Bass Highway, Elizabeth Town, Tas 7304
Telephone 03 6368 1105

53 Adventure Bay Road
Bruny Island 7150

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1st November Dinner Menu

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 01:46 am

1st November
Dinner Menu (seafood theme)

Degustation of Traditional Chicken Rice
(Special for Dad)
Grilled portobello, mozzarella, Organic Cherry Tomatoes
Hazelnut Sorbet
Deep Fried beer battered, corn leek puree
French Chive Butter sauce, spinach
Mango Berry Mousse
Dark/White Chocolate

Degustation of Traditional Chicken Rice
"Dad doesn't like "ang moh" food, so he says. Decided to whip up a traditional chinese chicken rice from scratch to impress him and fill his hungry tummy first. Glad it worked"

Grilled portobello, mozzarella, Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Deep Fried beer battered, corn leek puree


French Chive Butter sauce, spinach

Tiramisu, Mango Berry Mousse, Dark/White Chocolate
"add a touch of coffee jelly to the tiramisu and it worked!"

Have got to keep trying different methods of cooking and practise time management.
Still not happy with what i made, much room for improvement. Pressing on!

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31st October Dinner Menu

Oct. 31st, 2006 | 04:56 pm

I've been away for quite sometime. Always disappearing out of the country and i decided to cook a decent dinner for family tonight.

Pardon the photos, didnt have time to snap and cook and serve! =)

smoked trout, orange segment, lemon zest, cherry tomato


mint butter, mushroom veloute

Mum's Grilled prawns



GREEAN TEA Creme Brulee

Happy moments. I would like to think i Finally perfected my fav dessert. Now i can get fatter. =)

DETOX! after dinner

Honey tasting session

Tea tasting session

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Quick Breakfast

Oct. 30th, 2006 | 09:00 am

Got up at 7am this morning and felt didn't feel hungry until 9am.

Dragged my feet off the computer and got on to making myself a decent breafast.

Decided to whip up some Onion Jam to go with the cheese kransky i got from Melbourne Vic mart.
Topping it off with a poached egg instead of my usual sunny side-up!

Im happy to be back in Singapore...

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Dinner at LUYI's

Oct. 29th, 2006 | 11:07 pm

After a mundane 7 hour flight back from OZland, i only had one thing on my mind when i touched down at 4pm. FOOD.

I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of our dear frend Luyi.

A carefully thought out menu for each of us in our names!

Tomato Pots
Vine tomato shell, avocado cream, juicy pork, lettuce veloute
"These petit vine tomatoes looked too delicate to be eaten all in one mouthful with
Treasures of avocado cream and pork to be savoured with the tomato shell.
An exciting start to the menu!

Crabmeat pasta
Crabmeat, Prawn oil, pine nuts, chilli
"Nevermind the pasta, you did a great job with the taste and right amount of seasoning!"

Green Pea Soup
Peas, Ham hock
"The well seasoned and flavoured veloute was smooth and surprisingly light. Can't wait for the next dish!"

Wagyu Beef Cheek and portobello Mushroom
Braised Wagyu, portobello mushroom, butternut squash puree
"As the clean display of meat and veg laid right in front of me, i silently applauded the "chef in the making" for her tremenous effort in putting this dish together.
I eagerly dugged into the braised wagyu and tender flaky pieces just fell off onto the plate!
When food is that delicious, i go silent. =)"

Apple Crumble
Apple slices, walnuts, raisins, Cornish icecream
"Although it was suppose to be chocolate fondant, i thank god for the apple crumble.
No more fondants for the month please...
A well balanced meal with fruits and nuts to top it off!"

"chef in the making"

Every Dish was thought out with so much effort and all 6 of us "princesses" finished each course with our plates licking clean.

On a personal note, i was very inspired by the very delightful and well-organised dinner.
Am so inspired to have my dinner parties on time *many apologies to those of you who have been so patient with my prep*, well-organised and thought out.

A very delightful evening indeed.

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Oct. 29th, 2006 | 03:44 pm

Never once have i come back on a trip with the same number of bags i left the country with.

I have indeed outdone myself again this trip

Krispy Kreme madness:

Overload of BOOKS!

What melbourne is famous for:
Her fresh produce, cheese kransky! lots of chocolates, nuts, cheese!

You can get most of the dips, cheese and sundried tomatoes etc at victoria market.

Food Marts worth a visit!

Essential ingredient
Prahran Market
Elizabeth street
South Yarra VIC 3141
*great for oils, pastes, utensils, BOOKS!*
Wide selection of top quality cook books

Macro Whole foods
153 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121
Tel: 03 9935 8888
*the biggest organic mart in melbourne*

lets not get to the wine...

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A Night with Gordon Ramsay

Oct. 27th, 2006 | 10:57 pm

27th August

Gordon Ramsay arrived in Melbourne to launch his new book: Sunday Lunch

Dinner for 200 pax
Expected time for his arrival: 4pm
Guests were all seated at 7pm and Chef Ramsay arrived fashionably late an hour later. No one complained and yet he received a standing ovation when he arrived!
Such absurdity!


laying out 850 asparagus

Baking the Cardomom tarts

separating the good ones from the bad

Out of the oven: Kurobata pork




Warm local asparagus with herb butter

Spanner crab coleslaw with Szechuan pepper and gingered soy

Spit-roasted Kurobuta pork with sage and mustarb sauce

Cardamom custard tart with blood orange sorbet

"The rock star of our culinary world"

a priceless photo

"As stressful as it was preparing a dinner for 200 pax.
It was an honor assisting the kicthen in preparing a Gordon Ramsay's dinner. "

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Barilla Bay Oysters

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 05:00 pm

Barilla Bay Oysters
1388 Tasman Hwy
Cambridge 7170
Ph: 03 62485458

It was unexpectedly disappointing. No tours except weekends.
My heart sank. We got to eat our oysters and drink the barilla bay's oyster stout but that was it!

PLatter of oysters $14.90

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The Lark Distillery

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 04:39 pm

The Lark Distillery
14 Davey St
Tas 7000

Premium spirits, liqueurs and whiskies available at this modest bar.

Whisky and spirit tasting
(my liver is gone for the day)


Hot chocolate with BUsh Liqueur
"Not what i quite expect. Not that i am against making hot cocoa with cocoa powder, the taste of the chocolate aint strong enough if you want to make a whisky cocoa."

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Sorell Fruit Farm

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 02:32 pm

Sorell Fruit Farm
174 pawleena road
Ph: 03 62652744

off to plucking strawberries for $7/KG and Broad beans for $4/KG.

Strawberry plants

Broad Bean Plants

Our fruits of labour


Berry pancakes with maple syrup
"INteresting concept of berries and maple syrup.
A scoop of icecream would be better then whipped cream.The dessert was a little too heavy for me."

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Kate's Berry Farm

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 12:44 pm

Kate's Berry Farm
Addison st,
Tas 7190
Ph: 03 62578428

Known as "one of Tasmania's little trasures"

Weather was atrociously freezing With assisting chilly winds blowing in from the sea.
Even though I was half frozen, a look at Kate's berry farm took my mind away from the cold for minutes.

A must buy: Blackberry jam with burbon whisky

Season for picking berries: december- jan

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Craigie Knowe Winery and BarkMill

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 12:33 pm

Craigie Knowe Winery
80 Glen Gala Road
Cranbrook 7190

This man single handedly runs the business


96 Tasman Hwy
Tas 7190

Woodfireoven pizza!

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House of Anvers: Chocolate

Oct. 24th, 2006 | 05:00 pm

House of Anvers
9025 Bass Hwy
TAS 7307
Tel: 03 6426 2703

It was rather disappointing when we first entered the "factory"
Modest and everything is packed by hand!

we tasted their 'truffles', both of us agreed it is too soft to be called truffles. More like a chibouse. =)
Hopefully their Best selling fudge tastes better than their homemade truffles.

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Meat pies for lunch

Oct. 24th, 2006 | 12:51 pm

After the swarming experience with the bees, i was hungry again..
Quick Lunch:

Meat pies! how can one resist?

Ryan being extreme again. 4 pies? for lunch? =)

Yum.. meat and apple

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Blue Hills Honey Farm

Oct. 24th, 2006 | 11:52 am

Quick Breakfast:

Bacon and egg toast with bbq sauce.

Ryan's 'Chilled' Mars bar. Nothing spectacular.
Packaging is deceiving

Blue Hills Honey Farm
1858 Mawbanna rd
tas 7321

2 hours drive from davenport
Stressed out Ryan Dodging Porcupines, wombats and dead carcasses on the road!

Took a tour on how they make and pack honey from scratch.
I got to overcome my fear of bees and swim in them

It was a very enriching experience.

Bees taking the pollen from the flowers and using their saliva to turn it into sugar.
(just like us, when starch combined with our saliva, we get sugar!)

Finally at the site!

In our suits.
The bees can still sting you if you are unlucky!

Men at work!

Honey oozing out of the wax

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Freycinet Marine Farm: Oysters

Oct. 24th, 2006 | 10:24 am

10am: Woke up late to a thunderous heavy pour!

We started off the dreary day at the Freycinet Marine Farm. A real pity we were not able to do the oyster tour as the weather was unsympathetic.

Freycinet Marine Farm
88 Flacks rd
off coles bay rd
Tas 7215
Ph: 0362570140

We had Fresh Oysters for breakfast!
Shucked by the owner hersef, another husband and wife team.

Dozen: $12
Breed: Pacific (The hardiest and most adaptable to climate and temperature)
Breakfast itself was a breath of fresh air! The juices from the Briny Oysters explodes in your mouth the moment you pop it in.

Oysters and Mussels farmed in the pistine waters that surround the Freycinet Peninsula

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Waterfront On Station

Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 08:00 pm

Waterfront On Station
1 Waterfront Pl
Port Melbourne 3207 VIC
Phone: (03) 9676 9180

day, sunset

One of the most Gorgeous restaurants in Melbourne, hence its popularity

Roast WHOLE Flounder with buerre noisette and fried baby caper and parsley potato puree $29.50
"I am not really a fish person but this flounder looked too delicious and it would be a pity not to stomach it.
The top of the fish was crisp and the flavours just melts in your mouth! However, the bottom was soaked in Butter...The

delight of being served a whole Flounder in such a generous serving did repress my disgust with the overwhelming amount of

It was worth every penny!"

Ryan had the catch of the day:
Blue eyed cod fish

Beautiful, Gorgeous. i do not want to leave this place....

ONward to a 3 day farm tour!
Honey, Fennel, Macademia nut,Fruit, herb, rasberry and blueberries, lavender, Salmon, Oyster farms
chocolate and Fudge factories!

Too many, too little time.

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Ashgrove Cheese farm

Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 05:04 pm

Ashgrove Cheese
6173 Bass Highway, Elizabeth Town, Tas 7304
Telephone 03 6368 1105

Tips for buying and storing cheese

one of their most impressive 'lavender cheese'!

factory and cellar of cheese

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Breakfast at TIAMO's

Oct. 23rd, 2006 | 11:08 am

303 Lygon Street Carlton Melbourne
VIC 3053
+61 (0)3 9347 5759

Finally i had the chance to eat the jamaican pancakes!

Spaghetti Don Giovanni $14.90
Mussels and clams cooked with garlic, oregano, olive oil, napoli sauce, spinach and served with chilli
"spag in tomato soup"

Jamaican pancakes $7.90
(pancake with banana, sultanas, wanuts and marsala caramel sauce served with icecream)
"Deliciously Rich! The caramel was not too sweet and it went really well with the sultanas and walnuts!

Back to sl's place to teach him how to cook a simple 15min dish.

Barramundi with spinach

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Cookout @ Hume!

Oct. 21st, 2006 | 06:06 pm

Thanks jul for the wonderful meal.

Tempura in a martini glass!
paired with Kimchi pasta (his secret recipe he claims) =P

A gorgeous simple lunch/dinner

Love what you did with your balcony!

Thanks once again for the excellent food and wine.
Till the next one!

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Oct. 21st, 2006 | 12:46 am

No 4 Rochester Park
Singapore 139215
Tel: 6775 9000

Many thanks for the surprise warm dinner treat, best friend.
Congrats once again on your surprise pay. *grins*

Didn't bring my camera once again and have to reply on my year old phone cam.
Excuse the bad photography

Steamed Lobster Tortellini with Verjuice and Salmon Roe, Butter sauce and crispy Herb Salad ($19)
"This entree should be a main! Even though we could not taste much of the lobster as it was overpowered with butter sauce and cheese. The marriage of the rest of the ingredients is superb!"

Pea Risotto (entree portion) $11
"simple yet surprisingly appetizing! The generous splash of cheese in the risotto did not make the taste of peas too overwhelming."

Stacked Eggplant $24
"we really enjoyed this dish. I would come back again just to eat this once more.
The touch of the crispy tempura battered eggplant on the side and the middle of the stack is amazing.
Combination of all the ingredients including the artichoke is simply gratifying"

A good ambience and a wine list. Service and dessert menu definately needs improvement. Nonetheless, ill def be back! (with a camera) =)

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LES AMIS: Shaw Centre

Oct. 20th, 2006 | 04:41 am

1 Scotts road
#02-16 Shaw centre

Review coming up soon!

on a more personal note:
This has been a long awaited treat for dearest mum. HOpe you enjoyed it.
The menu, planned by chef Gunther with specially requested Foie gras and lobster


I love the little touches of their impeccable service.
The menu was printed out specially for each individual.
Can't ask for better service!

Ham, Frisee
Deep fried fish

Carpaccio of Langoustine, Oscietre caviar, chives, extra virgin olive oil

Oeufs Bio Calibre "A"
Egg Envelope
topped with sliced white truffles and JABUGO Ham (Jabugo ham is done in the region of Jabugo, Spain. This is the best cured jamon ham in the world)
"These bio eggs are flown in from France.
The hens consume only certified cereals bio, hence laying eggs that contains very high quality protein and nutrition." Crazy....

Foie Gras
"after being in the kitchen for 2 months now, and having bask in foie gras everyday. I had to try chef's Foie gras and it was perfect.
Slightly crispy on the outside and the inside was tender and juicy. Parfait!"

Something new:
Chef decided to try out something unique.

Black Pig from Bigorre
Porridge, grilled pork belly

Maine Lobster
Roasted Maine lobster, tomatoes confit, provencale style
"I had to let mum try this! LOve the way Chef Gunther reduces the juices of the lobster for the sauce"

Consomme of Poultry
Topped with "pied de moutons" mushrooms

Australian Kobe
Grilled Cote de Boeuf Australian Kobe, Sauce Bordelaise
Garnish: Meuille Feuille of glazed Cabbage


Green tea creme brulee
"HONESTLY, the best i have ever had! Beats the one in W restaurant Paris hands down and probably ever other green tea creme brulee out there. I love the touch of the petit portion of good quality red bean."
Many thanks to Regina and Yen for their efforts in accomodating my Green tea craze

Valrhona's Manjari Chocolate Fondant, Vanilla icecream

Grand Marnier Souffle

Touches of perfection

Special thanks to the whole team: Chef Gunther, Timo, hua, regina, yen, kj, audi.
This Dinner was truly one of the best i've had in Singapore.
A perfect Dinner with the most impeccable service

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Cook-out at Gab's

Oct. 19th, 2006 | 02:13 am



Eggplant dip toast

Clam Chowder made from scratch!
Love touch of the fresh Clams Gab

Risotto with truffle bits
reduced in white wine and stock


Sea bass, seasoning and garnish in wrap & alu into the oven!


Thanks for the dinner gab. We all enjoyed it.
Top it off with great wine!

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re-visit: Canele

Oct. 17th, 2006 | 05:41 pm

Back for icecreams!

Praline, chestnut and MACHA!
The texture is smooth but the taste is too sweet and creamy for me.

Onward to ordering 3 more macha cakes!


Now im known as the "macha girl"
a minimum of 5 machas a week for personal consumption
(a very destructive green tea obsession to my health and pockets)

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Garibaldi once more

Oct. 17th, 2006 | 01:24 pm

36 Purvis Street
Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6837 1468

The bread was superb.
It has always been the highlight of my dine-ins there. A very light Foccacia toasted with parmesan

Spaghetti al ricci di mare e bottarga
Spaghetti with sea urchin and dry grey mullet roe $32
"Wanted to try something unusual and i have never had spag with fresh sea urchin.
The taste of the oil-based pasta was bland.
However, the Dry mullet roe gave the pasta a good touch to its blandness.
I'm guessing the chef wanted to bring out the natural taste of the sea urchin and mullet roe with the pasta, hence oil-based.
Interesting but i would not order this dish again"

Risotto Al fergato D'oca e capesante
Marsala wine Risotto with goose liver and grilled sea scallop $46
"Chef Roberto's risottos have always been one of the best around in Singapore. A good mix of the scallop,foie gras and creamy reduced wine risotto. Texture was almost perfect"
Wished i ordered this instead. =)

Cannolo Siciliano
Sicilian pastry filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and pistachio sauce $14
"This is a traditional italian dessert.
I found it interesting and loved the pistachio chocolate "twix".
The Ricotta cheese was light and went quite well with the pastry.
Overall, the desserts on its own were good, but the combination of both didnt go quite well together. A scoop of sorbet would have done some good."

Perfetto Al te
earl grey parfait with apricot and lemon supreme jam $12
"nothing can go wrong with earl grey. =) "

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Singapore Tatler's Ball 2006

Oct. 17th, 2006 | 02:15 am

Singapore Tatler's Ball 2006
13 october
Venue: Raffles Town Club

Appetizer Bar on Ice Socle
King prawn
Australian Oyster

Behind the scenes:
I didnt bring a camera! had to rely on a phone cam. pardon the photos.


CANAPES Butler Style

Lobster medallion with caviar and dill
Foie gras with seedless grapes and frisee

Smoked tuna with quail egg brunoise capsicum
Abalone, mushroom quiche, codfish and crabmeat in tartlet

-Hors D'oeuvre-

Air cured italian beef wuth ricotta cheese
poached egg with white truffles
Foie gras Terrine

Chick peas soup with pesto

Limoncino Grappa sherbet


Oven seared marinated australian rack of lamb
laced with mint semillon reduction, pepper mirin roasted baby carrots with rosemary and steamed asporagus

part of the After dinner Dessert buffet

It is really not easy preparing a dinner course for 480 people.
Difficult to maintain the quality of the food and service.

Altogether 8 food tastings rounds and months of preparation.
3am: smiles of relief and satisfaction from everyone

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Wedding at Le Meridien

Oct. 15th, 2006 | 05:57 pm

Special Note:
Congrats babe! Can't be any happier for you!
23, settled and happily married

"you'll have no scandal while you dine, But honest talk and wholesome wine.
- Lord Tennyson"


Empress COld Cut Combination
(Suckling pig, spring roll, roast duck, baby octopus, crabstick salad with fruit cocktail)
Braised shark's fin soup with sea cucumber & Crabmeat
Steamed live prawns with herbs in chinese Wine
Steamed promfret "teochew style"

Golden Roast Chicken with Fragrant salt
Broccoli with Crabmeat Roe
Fried Hong Kong Noodles
Fished-shaped chilled strawberry Pudding

I dare not comment on the food.

A very special day for a good friend of mine.
Touching moments, good company, catching up
I Thank God for the presence of wine

"something i discovered, make-up helps cover up your redness when you drink!"

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Oct. 14th, 2006 | 11:44 pm

12-15 october
china square

The food: Thank god for the beer

Pork knuckle/beef stew


POrk Knuckles!

Mash Potatoes

German Noodles

Beef stew

3 Litres! $60. They should let us keep the mug!

When the fat lady sings....

and When the fat man drinks.....

Dancing on the floor, the benches, the tables, on one another....

Called up for a drinking competition which i soo regret.

getting all ready

First one up: Bernie

im Getting nervous

3/4 and im done.
sorry team...

Consolation prizes

Till Next year! Beer and music was a blast! Let's not talk about the food...

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Magma: German Wine and Bistro

Oct. 12th, 2006 | 05:29 pm

German Wine and Bistro
2-4 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089816
Tel: 6221 0634

Chilli Hot chocolate
Saw this on one of Jamie Oliver's episode and i had to give it a shot.
HOT! It wouldnt have tasted unique and drinkable if they didnt use powdered chocolate.
This recipe lacks a punch!

Pork Knuckle
One of the best pork knuckles in Singapore!
Cooked in a pizza oven, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

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Back at Canele

Oct. 12th, 2006 | 03:16 pm

11 Unity Street, #01-09
Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Homemade chocs

PIna Colada
"Being a huge fan of Pina colada, i had to come back to try this cake.
The taste was not what i expected as it was a little bland. More rum please! =)

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AquaMarine: Marina Mandarin

Oct. 11th, 2006 | 11:52 pm

AquaMarine Buffet
Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6845 1000

The food
Never underestimate girls at a buffet...

$48+++ for a dinner buffet
I felt it was worth every penny especially with the fresh oyters shucked before serving

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Breaky: Dips!

Oct. 9th, 2006 | 09:23 am

Woke up early, felt like eating something different again.

Dips: Eggplant, caviar, hommus

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Vansh Restaurant

Oct. 8th, 2006 | 11:35 pm

#01-04 Singapore Indoor Stadium
2 Stadium Walk
Tel: (65) 6345 4466

Dips on the house

Tandoori lamb chop $18
two-bone lamb chops marinated with spiced yoghurt and roasted in the tandoor

Chicken tikka masala $15
tandoori marinated chicken cooked with capsicum in a flavoured tomato masala
extras: plain naan, garlic naan


Dessert Trio
chef's selection of gulab jamun, kulfi (homemade frosty flavoured with milk)
walnut brownie draped with chocolate sauce.
"dessert was not impressive at all. Quite a disappointment. Brownie on a traditional north indian dessert platter??!?"
nonetheless, the food was worth every penny.

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morning breaky

Oct. 7th, 2006 | 04:32 am

i decided to whip up something fancier instead of the normal kaya butter toast.

Fried some scrambled eggs with cream, drizzled with parmesan and seasoning
Mushrooms, sundried tomamtoes
Putting on a slice of Smoke Trout

Simple breakfast in 10mins!

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quick fix breaky

Oct. 6th, 2006 | 11:01 am

my rocket mushroom sundried tomato ciabatta quick fix!

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Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 11:20 pm

Fifteen Melbourne
Basement, 115-117 Collins St

A very Modest front in the alley


Dinner Tasting Menu

October 2006

Zuppa borlotti, rosemary, faro, garlic, stracchino, peppery new season olive oil


Finely sliced bresola, roasted golden beets, horseradish crème fraiche, lemon zest and Fifteen olive oil


Tagliatelle with rabbit ragu, olives, rosemary and parmesan


Organic Powlett Hill lamb, Kipfler potato al forno, purple sprouting broccoli and salsa verde


Vialano nano tiramisu (little twist on the traditional) with crostoli


Fifteen cheese selection with pear, muscatels and grissini

Head Chef Tobie Puttock at work

Going ... going... gone
6 glasses of wine, 3 hours before flight

To be Honest, the food was not fantastic and there is alot of room for improvement.
The ambience was cosy wth a touch of zen

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Day of farm visits!

Sep. 29th, 2006 | 11:19 pm

Marooondah Highway, past yarra valley

4 hour drive there and back..


Mantirri Blueberry Farm
1250 maroondah Hwy
Narbethong VIC 3778

saw some tunips there that are bigger than drea's hands. =)

Berry plants

We've always wanted to visit a good berry farm.
This is a pretty small decent friendly farm. Definately not the biggest in VIC but its good enough for us to go crazy there.
Berries are always in high demand.

Bought 5kgs of berries back. $12 per pack!

Berry wine tasting

All about berries.
Had a berry pancake with berry icecream. Who can resist this?



Clearstream Olive Farm
Webbs Lane
Taggerty VIC 3714

Olive trees

The olive farm was quite disappointing. Despite the beautiful backdrop and the company of sheeps and rows of barren olive trees, we did expect to try different types of olives but there was none!

Guess we have to be back when it's in season in june.



Buxton Trout & Salmon Farm
2118 maroondah Hwy
VIC 3711

YOu can feel most at home in this modest trout farm. Rental for the rods are free, you just pay for what you catch! $9.90 per kg for the rainbow trouts.
Honestly i never knew trouts could taste so delicious.

The man with all the trouts

I wanted to try one fresh on the spot, so i asked Graham if i could catch one and bbq it on the spot. Being Aussie, they are most accomodating to your needs and wants.
$3 for the fish! unbelievably cheap.

catching the trout: Net is still the fastest way

killing and cleaning the fish

cooking directly on the grill

some salt and viola!

tender, not too over cooked!

all gone!



LAvender plants
They take 3 years to grow and can live for another 15 years.
Not easy at all!

I love the smell and th colour!

couldnt resist buying dried lavender



The biggest burger i've eaten in Melbourne

playing with my food


Off to visit the falls for a quick 15 mins.

Tallest falls in VIC.
Stevenson falls 82m

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Tiamo restaurant

Sep. 29th, 2006 | 02:25 am

303 Lygon Street
Melbourne 3053 Australia
+61 (0)3 9347 5759

Back here again on Lygon street. Tiamo is famous for its Nero risotto, anti pasto, pasta and jamaican pancake!

Risotto Nero
"The best risotto nero i have ever tasted -drea
I second that!"

finishing it up....

Grilled seafood platter

pumpkin, Ginger and coconut soup

Tiamo: chef at work

Brunetti once again

Italian hot chocolate (seriously, one of the best hot chocolates in the world. Beats the ones in Paris!)
It is a mix of 15 different kinds of chocolates
Drea's one happy girl

BOught myself a tub of tiramisu
Can't wait to dig in!

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Essential ingredient

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 04:15 pm

This is bad.. its getting bad. Visited another store again.
Essential ingredient
Prahran Market
Elizabeth street
South Yarra VIC 3141

HUndreds of cookbooks!
Need to start saving and working bad...

Eyeing on this book for my miserable collection of only 10 cookbooks
Charlie trotter

Bought this today! Meditteranean cuisine
Mediterranean food Never looked so good.

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Back in St KIlda!

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 03:06 pm

Back in St KIlda!

Weather is beautiful today. 17 degrees Sunny and chilly at the same time.

Off to grab some lunch and head off to the beach to recollect some thoughts and relax

Falafel Kitchen
PIck your own

Reminds me of the vegetarian falalfel in st michel paris (best i've had)
10 falalfels
eggplant, hommus and tahini Dip with tomatoes, cucumber, pumkin salad and veggies!
Most satisfying lunch thus far.

Gelato everywhere!
Drea's pick for the day

St kilda beach
I'm definately going to miss sitting by the beach, having a quick lunch and basking in the sun

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DaY 3: Fenix

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 12:56 am

DaY 3: Fenix

All about FOOD.
MOlecular Gastronomy

chefs at work

A better photo of the Sashimi of yellowfin tuna
white chocolate, pepper, wasabi dressing (with toasted rice)
"Baby Wasabi leaves! you can actually taste the wasabi in the tiny sprout!"

Coffee and pomegranate
Brioche, lychee and coffee ice, pickled ginger icecream, Pomegranate jelly

pork belly
Coconut noodle, nouc nam, thai salad, laksa vinaigrette

asparagus icecream to top it off!
Tastes smooth and refreshing

smoked salmon

chiwx $19
Parfait of chicken livers, cocoa, salted lactose caramel, hazelnut biscotti, salad of beetroot

broad beans

What appears after the lime espuma reacts with liquid nitrogen : lime parfait
Tastes so Out of this world. The texture NO2 does with food is really
"just bought myself a new toy today: Foam Gun!"
cant wait to play with it..

A better picture of the chocolate soil dessert topped with Wasabi icecream

gula melaka icecream

Tahitian vanilla mousse
sorbet of cucumber, lime, mango air

head pastry chef at work
"Ex-pastry chef of the King of Bahrain"
His creations does leave you bewildered almost all the time.

another photo of Dessert thailand

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Krispy Kreme in Melbourne

Sep. 28th, 2006 | 12:04 am

Krispy Kreme
607 Collins Street.
Melbourne (Cnr Spencer & Collins)

I've always been a HUge Krispy Kreme fan. Finally met my match.
Met Ryan after Krispy Kreme's closing hours at 11pm. They closed past midnight today as the crowd just couldnt stop comin in!

The best in the world.

My Fav: choc devil glazed

my pick for tonight

Ryan contented with his 48 donuts


Original glazed

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South melbourne market

Sep. 27th, 2006 | 03:35 pm

South Melbourne Market
cnr York & Cecil Streets, South Melbourne

Adelaide tomatoes

Huge broad beans

Different kinds of pate.
Including thai lemongrass

Chef's hat
131 Cecil Street, South Melbourne
Victoria, 3205


Felt like im in haven. We could spend a whole day in this 2-storey building.

POT haven
Wish i could get my hands on some!

"in my wish list"

HUge mixers
"also in my wish list"

"love this collection"
Finally spent some of my savings on a decent knife.

*** thanks ryan for all the help and a Great day out!

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Mecca Bah Restaurant

Sep. 27th, 2006 | 02:35 pm

Mecca Bah
55a NewQuay Promenade
VIC 3008

Mecca Bah

love the colours

Fattoush, lebanese bread salad

Sweet potato Falafels with tahini sauce

Turkish Pizza
Lamb kofte, spicy tomato sauce and yoghurt

Spicy Moroccan Tangines served with couscous
lamb with preserved lemon, green olive and harissa

Food here is great but they are way Under-staffed. Waited 10mins to be seated and another 10 for our orders to be taken.
Nonetheless, Great food and ambience!

**thanks jem for the recommendation

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Fenix Restaurant: Day 1

Sep. 27th, 2006 | 01:21 am

2 storey restaurant by the river. Gorgeous. Tranquil.


I adore this restaurant the moment i entered, servers were so extremely polite and accomodating.
The head chef Raymond Capaldi showed me around And immediately I couldn't wait to start work there!

Learning comes with a hefty price.

Went in at 10.30am today (30mins late).

I plucked corainder for 40mins, skinned broadbeans for an hour. Grated a tray of carrots for nearly another hour. ANd many more odd jobs.
The working environment here is so different in this restaurant.
The kitchen staff are very well-trained by Chef Raymond. No talking No Jokin around during service time. Just do your job.
Adapting was not easy at all.

My BUcket of broad beans
Now let's talk about food!
All the peeling, plucking grating was worth it after watching the master chef create his dishes.

HOmemade sorbet with grated fresh almonds with Asparagus

Beetroot jelly.
"i think it is beetroot jelly with flavoured mayo"


one of his entrees

Sides: ravioli filled sauteed onions

Fillet of WA Beef $38
Silverbeet, carrot cream, pomme pave, cherry marmalade

Seared Barramundi $36
Ling cheek, basil mousseline, red wine essence

Canapes for events.

Chef Raymond at work.

melon cubes drizzled with basil oil and winter mint leaves (the colour of this breed of leaves have 2 tones, like apple mint leaves)
Homemade twix by the side.

Basil Sorbet! The best basil sorbet i've tasted so far. Its tangy and Not creamy at all. The citrus touch brings out the basil flavour better.

Basil sorbet, passionfruit, strawberry

WASABI Sorbet!
This is really good stuff

POrk Belly $22

Sashimi of yellow fin tuna
white chocolate (YES! WHITE CHOC???!!?) pepper, toasted rice and salted chicken

This Cucumber dish is absolutely marvellous.
It is so refreshing and the marriage of all the flavours... just parfait!
"Chef was inspired by the cucumber yoghurt puree in greek cuisine that he reinvented the dish in his own style
Thinly sliced cucumbers, Fresh leaves, Shaved coconut ice with Yoghurt sorbet.
The vase of cucumber juice with lime at the background, will be poured onto the dish when served."

This is so amazing.
Liquid Nitrogen!
Especially for the lime parfait that is served as canapes.
The parfait mixture is squeezed into a bowl of liq nitrogen in front of the guests and to be eaten at once


Flavours of thailand
Coconut parfait, sago, Palm sugar sorbet, fried shallots, grated lime.

Parfait dessert
coffee parfait

Passionfruit dessert (chef's special)
Beetroot powder, coconut ice, passionfruit sorbet, beetroot jelly cubes, passionfruit seeds and fried shallots

Beth filling the beetroot juice. To be poured in front of guests when served.

Vanilla Mousse,
CUcumber SORBET! Taste absolutely delightful. Texture is smooth and light.
Lime Jelly, cucumber bits, Topped with mango Mousse (not shown here)

Creme Brulee! (unique and different. After the brulee sets, you whip it up to get it fluffy and give it a lighter texture.
Wish i knew how to make it!)
Strawberry sorbet, Strawberry mixed with sugared olive bits in strawberry sauce. almond crumbs, strawberry flakes!
(the strawberry flakes are the most delicious!)

Chocolate Soil!
The most amazing unique choc dish thus far.
caramel sauce, different kinds of chocolate bits (dark and milk)
Frozen chocolate Bits (they taste so great! a richer mousse)
Milk sorbet (have to double check)
sprinkled with pistachio bits and choc sauce

This is the last dish for the Degustation menu
i call it the Choc galore!
Chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, chocolate soil, white chocolate Oil, Basil oil and basil leaves

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Lunch time! St Kilda

Sep. 26th, 2006 | 03:17 pm

Prahran Market
Another Place to get fresh herbs, meats and fruits

Off to St Kilda!

Famous for their cake shops

And Gelato

Today's pick: Ferrero Rocher, peppermint, yoghurt

Mighty Melbourne Storm
Grilled 100% Lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, slices of beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo $10.50
"The neatest burger! The egg is fried so thin that it makes it so much easier to bite into the burger."

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Yarra Valley Melbourne

Sep. 26th, 2006 | 05:20 am

Another Morning Surprise Breakfast!
triple Fried bread with eggs, tomatoes, spinach, roasted red capsicum and bacon
Thanks again drea!

Day off for me and we decided to head to the yarra valley for our very own Wine tasting!
It was a 90min drive to the vineyards. Getting the sleepy vibes

yarra valley

First stop: Lillydale Herb Farm

Its heavenly being surrounded by herbs. The frangrance of basil, mint, rosemary makes the air fresh and crisp!

lavender mint, basil mint, chocolate mint, Apple mint!
you can actually smell a tinge of chocolate and apple! Bizzzare!

Second stop: Yarra valley dairy farm

Cheese tasting!
YUm.. so delicious. Different kinds of goats cheese and fetta

Goats medallion
This is sooo good. Pity i only bought 2 bottles

I have always acknowledged this as one of the best icecreams.
The passionfruit flavour i had a year ago was so delicious, i could never forget!
Today i decided to go with the adventurous spirit and try out the Hazelnut praline and coffee.
Not as good as th passionfruit!


my shopping spree!
A great gift to give friends

The next best with bread to foie gras pate and olive pate!


Tasting notes 1:
STONES of the yarra valley
14 st huberts road,
+61 397390900


Having a blast!
$5 for 8 different kinds of tasting out of a range of 32 different kinds of wine.

Shopping cart: 4 bottles
2 Boat O'craigo 2006 Sauvignon blanc
2 Hirsch Hill 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

beautiful place, tranquil peaceful.

Tasting notes 2:
Dominique Portet
870 maroondah highway
Coldstream VIC 3770
+61 359625760


Another round of wine tasting of whites & reds

Shopping cart: 1 bottle
1 Dominique Portet cabernet sauvignon 2004 Heathcote
"Rich and complex with flavours of plum, blackberry and pepper"
Not too dry and acidic. Smooth.

Tasting notes 3:
Oakridge Yarra valley
864 maroondah highway
vic 3770

+61 3 97391920


Wine tasting

At least 12 different kinds at each winery. red and white!

Shopping cart: 13 bottles
1 2001 Sparkling
7 2005 Rose
2 2003 Shiraz
2 2003 Cabernet sauvignon
1 2004 pinot noir

Finally relaxing and filling our tummys!

Hummus, eggplant and herb sourcream Dips

Our view. So tranquill
tasting notes 4:
Domaine Chandon
Maroondah Hwy,
Coldstream 3770
+61 3 9738 9200

Domaine chandon

More tasting. Final round of it...

Never fail to come back here eveyrtime im in the yarra
Just so relaxing!

Shopping cart: 6 bottles
1 2004 green point shiraz
1 chandon Cuvee riche
3 chandon vintage rose 2001
1 Chandon non vintage

Healesville Harvest

The Funkiest ingredients you can find in there!

Apple toffee

apple jelly, quince jelly .. and the list goes on

Total count: 24 bottles of wine
*fat grin*

The best yarra valley trip thus far
More Wine tasting to come!

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