lost_vagabond (lost_vagabond) wrote,

My Favorite Chefs: part II

La Strada
1 Scotts Road
#02-10/11 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208s
Tel: 6737 2555

Undoubtedly my favorite chef in Singapore.
Having done a staggiaire with Chef Leandro for 3 weeks before heading to New York, i have always enjoyed his company yet respecting him in the Kitchen.

It was hard not to be unbias dining in Chef's Newly renovated outlet.
Honestly, the food quality has improved tremedously and the revamped menu is friendly and popular amongst lunch and dinner crowds.


with compliments

Abalone truffle salad
This is so sinful. delicately dressed with Enoki mushrooms
These mushrooms have a delicate fruity flavor.
"To me it was A great teaser. I want more! "

Foie gras, duck confit ravioli.
"A very Rich dish. Portioning was just nice."
I cant say much about this dish.
I personally am bias as i still prefer his pan fried Foie gras ravioli.

Chef Leandro's version of Carbonara $30
"The best carbonara i have ever eaten - Chef Daniel Chavez"
I second that!
Cooked in truffle infused butter with a poached egg sitting on it. Having the server mix it up for you. What can go wrong with this dish?
- Order this. You wont regret it. =)

Rachel at work

Mushroom Risotto (special order)
"Al dente the italian way"
His Risottos are classic italian. Despite having learnt from Chef leandro his secret to a Good Risotto, i can never do a risotto as good as his. Not even close. Maybe if i cheat with more truffle oil.....


Opera with milk icecream

Deep fried doughnuts with custard. Chocolate sauce
"we were not too impressed with this dessert as it was a little plain."
Nonetheless, the meal was still worth every penny spent.

2 months back, i could never imagine such a change in the outlook, menu and even the team seems stronger. Service and kitchen. =)
I'll definately be back soon!

The ever Bubbly Chef Leandro Panza

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