lost_vagabond (lost_vagabond) wrote,

My Favorite Chefs: part I

Kai San Encore!

Kai San
1 Beach Road
#01-21 Raffles Hotel
Singapore 189673

Tel: 6339 4929

Operating Hours:
Daily 11:15am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10pm (Sunday no lunch)

I am slowly addicted to this place.

Chef Thomas is one of the Nicest Chefs i have ever met.
So personal and he actually remembers what you like to eat so you wont even have to ask for it!

OMAKASE at a very reasonable price:


One of the most delicious cuttlefish dishes around.
so Crispy, you know its straight out from the BBQ.

sashimi platter

Requested for Hot Food....
Here comes the dishes!

My favorite picks:

Clam topped up with mentaiko and cheese. Melts in your mouth.
It is divine

Cant miss this one out!

Ending the omakase with this soup is blissful.
shimeiji mushrooms, tuna, scallop
Double boiled

Chef Thomas Kok
I can definately see myself coming back to Kaisan, despite so many other good japanese restaurants simply because of the service, food quality and price.
Not forgetting that personal experience money cant buy.
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