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Jun. 18th, 2007 | 05:09 pm

11 Unity Street
Robertson walk

I am finally getting down to blogging this entry.
Being such a dessert fanatic, i could not wait to try the desserts at Chef pang's new outlet, Macaron.

Menu Prix Fixe

4 course
1 appetizer – 1 dessert amuse – 1 glass – 1 petit four

6 course
1 appetizer – 1 entree – 1 dessert amuse – 1 glasses – 1 grand dessert – 1 petit four

9 course
1 appetizer – 2 entree – 1 dessert amuse – 2 glasses – 2 grand dessert – 1 petit four

Menu Degustation
15 course

APPETIZERS: $11.5 each

King Salmon Tartare
ikura | vanilla pineapple confit | tomato | citrus vinaigrette | petit salad

Olive Oil Cake
charred peppers | wild arugula | peppered pinenuts | lemon dressing

aioli | sautéed potato | paprika “air” | extra virgin olive oil

Pan Con Tomate
tomato tartare – olive oil – bread – garlic – sea salt

"My favorite was the pulpo. Totally reminded me of a quaint tapas restaurant in barcelona. The olive oil cak was a simple salad, nothing fancy. Pan con tomate was like a deconstructed bruschetta (quoted from a friend), was the most disappointing. The Tartare is definately worth the price tag on this dish."

ENTREE: $16 each

Tuna Tataki
crab tuile | seaweed marshmallow | honey mustard | seaweed salad
additional $2.00 applicable

Pan-fried “Magret” Duck Breast
chocolate orange jam | sautéed pear | roasted hazelnut
additional $2.00 applicable

Pork Belly Confit
gastrique tomato | caramelized onion | apple mashed potato
additional $6.00 applicable

Foie Gras Parfait
apple compote | cassis coulis | brioche squares | baby spinach
additional $6.00 applicable

"I personally love the foie parfait and the pork belly. Although the portions are extremely small it was very Flavorful and the pairings were brilliant! 2 Friends of mine actually finished the whole jam bottle of chocolate orange sauce!"

AMUSE $10.50

Poached Vanilla Citrus Pear
vanilla ice foam | chocolate cream | pear chips

Flambé Banana
milk chocolate yogurt | lemon “cloud” | citrus crumble

Frozen Kalamansi Chibouste
exotic fruit compote | chocolate espuma

"I enjoyed the kalamansi chibouste most. Great pairing of the citrus and chocolate in different textures. The other desserts were interesting but not one that i would order again."


Champagne Snow
pistachio chantilly | forest berries compote | Madeleine cake

Yogurt Sorbet
berries sautéed with vinegar | coconut foam | pineapple stew

"All the dessert glasses definately needs to be polished. The table didnt particularly enjoy any of the glasses. Too much milk chocolate foam in the Raspberry Granite dessert (quoted). Combination of the elements in the champagne snow dessert didnt really satisfy the palates "


“Pain Perdu”
sautéed apple | cinnamon ice cream | vanilla cream

Petit Grand Marnier Tea Baba
caramel orange ice cream | berries | vanilla jelly

One, Two, Tea
(raspberry espuma, milk chocolate tea parfait, chocolate tea cream, cocoa bean tuile)

(violet ice cream, strawberry marmalade, strawberry paper, cassis coulis, violet meringue)

Exotic “Sugar”
soft chocolate | chocolate “moulleux” | liquid caramel

"The Grand desserts were the most satisfying. My personal favorite: One, two, tea and the Pain perdu. The grand marnier tea baba had a generous serving of Grand marnier but it was not appetizing (quoted). I love the presentation of th violette! The Rose bombe if not shared is far too sweet for a dessert by itself. Presentation of the Rose bombe was the prettiest on the table. The Exotic sugar was disappointing as the texture of the soft chocolate didnt seem too right. The moulleux was delicious."


truffle and hazelnut macaron | vanilla pate de fruit | exotic caramel & dark chocolate
"definately needs to be changed more often. The macaron and vanilla was quite a disappointing end to the whole course. Vanilla pate de fruit had a weird flavour and texture (quoted)"

We had a good time tasting the new creations of our brilliant chef pang. It did burn quite a hole in our wallets. average $70 a person. Minimum order of a 4 course.

I will definately be back when the menu changes but not anytime soon.

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