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May. 21st, 2007 | 05:04 pm

14 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069694
Tel: +65 6438 1553
Open 2pm - 11pm Monday - Saturday

Ever since i discovered this new japanese dining, i have been so eager to dine here.
A PURE green tea degustation menu! It's like a dream come true for me.

I had the Special tea leaf set
Green tea leaf rice
Green tea Noodle salad
Macha Gratin
Green tea leaf kakiago
Today's dessert (i requested for a green tea cheesecake)

$35 course menu
appetizer basket
Agedashi Tofu
Rice & Miso soup
Today's dessert

The entire experience was zen. The variety tea selection is great and definately a must try.

Green tea leaf rice
"It wasnt exactly what i expected it to taste. It was quite bland but i do give the chef credit for th effort and creativity."

Green tea Noodle salad
"Refreshing. I could seriously whack 5 more bowls!"

Macha Gratin
"Cheesy. Cant really tast the macha but i like this dish!
I could do without the sausages at the bottom though.. "

Green tea leaf kakiago
"daily dose of veggies"

green tea cheesecake
"the cheesecake was quite disappointing as the texture was not smooth. Not very finctional to eat it with a round plastic japanese fork"

$35 course menu

appetizer basket
"very interesting. liked the combination of appetizers"

Agedashi Tofu

"comfort food..."

green tea icecream

verdict is.. ill definately be back.
It was like simultaneously eating and having a spa.
Cleansing experience.

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