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Apr. 13th, 2007 | 03:23 am

1 scotts road
#02-16 shaw centre

I have delayed this blog too long. When i first arrived back from Nyc on the 10th, i knew i had to being my best friend here for her bday treat. In my opinion, there is absolutely no place in Singapore comparable to the food Les Amis (shaw centre) offers.
2 exceptions: iggies and Au jardin (different styles but top quality in their own cuisine)

Made a booking and i was once again not disappointed. The gastronomic journey Chef Gunther brought us through tonight was once again satisfying.

Foie gras
orange jelly, kamquat

langoustine, caviar
cold pasta
"New dish. Another Winner."

"one slurp. YUM! only difficulty was eating it off the salt.. tend to get a little messy trying not to get the salt on the shell top while digging out the clam"

consomme of poultry
foie gras ravioli
"warm and light. This soup has lots of character. The first sip will take you places. Steaming hot, rich in flavour and well seasoned."

white asparagus
"This dish is so excellent. With its no frills plating, the white asparagus covered with morels, ham and sauce is just the perfect combination. A winner."

Sole fish
"We were a little disappointed in this dish. Best fren's fish was a little cold and mine was not tender."

roasted maine lobster
porto wine sauce
"One of his signatures. It is a must try dish. The taste of the lobster sauce (jus, wine, truffle oil) still lingers... "

Timothy presenting the pig.....

roasted suckling pig
melted leeks, sweet and sour sauce with lindemans kriek beer
"Another one of Gunther's signatures. Gorgeous."
i have never eaten a better suckling pig -gracie

regina's special =)
"honestly till this day i have no clue what this dessert exactly is or what to call it. upside down souffle? nevertheless, a great end to a great meal!"

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