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Mar. 27th, 2007 | 11:23 am

40 West 57 Street
New York, NY 10019
phone 212.757.3000

$70 per person


Tuna Belly
Wasabi soy sauce, caviar, yamamoto
"Absolutely delightful. Refreshing. Just the appetizer i was looking forward to!"

Rock shrimp tempura
Apicy yuzu sauce
"Disappointed it was piping hot and crispy. Sauce was subtle and sweet sour. however you can get this dish at Oh! taisho for under $10"

Baby Yellowtail with their signature sauce
soy onion dressing
"Quite a disappointing pairing of the sauce with the yellowtail. Nothing zesty and it was slightly too stern."

Signature Hot dish
Alaskan black Cod
Miso sauce, candied onion with shiso
Candied Ginger
"This dish was orgasmic! Keeps you screaming for more!
It is a must try. I do not favour fish but this was smooth, silky, hot. Absolutely love the touch of the candied ginger and onion!"

A must have... SUSHI
"Nothing fantastic"

I love this dessert! Nothing surprising and i know hudds detest it but its green tea and the predictable chocolate fondant. what's there not to like! The greentea was a little to creamy but anything macha im all smiles.
Honestly, if it was not macha icecream. ill be slamming this dessert.
Fondant way too big, Mint sauce was a nice touch but too unappetizing. The presentation? need i say anymore...

Nobu chefs chilling out

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