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DAY TRIP: New Jersey

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Mar. 12th, 2007 | 02:23 pm

New Jersey

Taking a train from NYC to New Jersey is pretty easy.
The train comes every hour during the weekends and more frequent during the week days.

Penn Station 34th street (NYC) -- > Newark (NJ)
$12 2 way
duration: 50mins

Glimpse of New Jersey:

It feels good being away from the city that never sleeps and enjoy some peace.

We went to this italian restaurant, 10 mins drive from the station.
Decided to order the weirdest on the menu: classic with a lil western influence

Portobello raviolli, smoked cheese and sundried tomato sauce.

frozen tiramisu
The drinking age limit here is 21.
1pm: I couldnt believe it when the waitress actually came up to me and ask me for my I.d
unfortuantely, i didnt have one and she wanted to serve me a virgin tiramisu.
"Absurd!i mean how much alcohol can a tiramisu have?"

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