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Mar. 8th, 2007 | 12:26 am

50 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212.477.2900

Chef: Wylie Dufresne

Made a reservation 2 weeks in advance for a dinner for 2 at WD-50

Malted chestnut soup, salmon threads, celery root .... 16
"Very smooth, the taste of the chestnut was not too stern. Theres a touch of pork floss in it. parfait! "

Pickled beef tongue, fried mayonnaise, onion streusel .... 15
"A very good marriage of flavours. LOved the fried mayonnaise."

Foie gras, mole lentils, quince yogurt .... 17
"For a foie gras lover, this was very disappointing. The pairing of yogurt and foie was not too bad. BUT the foie was slightly over-cooked and the mole?? Just didnt work out for me."

Smoked eel, blood orange zest, black radish, chicken skin .... 17
"A little tough on the fish but the espuma of chicken skin was done cleverly. Interesting blend of flavours."

Turbot, salsify, smoked bulgur, coffee-saffron .... 30
"SHIT dish. According to a customer who sat next to us. Apparently he was the sous chef of el bulli, chef Eric Heijkoop. Had a real interesting chat with such a passionate chef.
The fish was undercooked, his was overcooked. The coffee overpowers the saffron and the salsify?? It was so hard! "

Skate, parsley root, swiss chard, hops, spice bread .... 29
"Interesting mix of bitter and sweet. Bitter- spice bread foam. Sweet - mash.
This dish did not quite work out for me too."

Dessert was the highlight of the whole meal.

Creamsicle, rooibos, squash, orange blossom .... 11

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