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pier 59

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Mar. 5th, 2007 | 06:52 am

Restaurant pier 59
Banyan Tree Bangkok
59th floor
Executive chef: Degan Septoadji

Been wanting to eat here since i saw the menu!

langoustine Dou 520B
Breaded Langoustine in Oba leaves, yellow curry and crustacean foam
Langoustine tartare, avocado, white miso soup
Nothing spectacular...

Breaded Crab Cake, Concasse of tomato, mustard ice cream 480B
(i love the combination of this but the mustard icecream tasted creamier than expected)

Pier 59 Hot Pot 1000B
Monkfish, scallops, prawns, seasonal vegetable, light red curry broth, coconut foam

Pan Fried Barramundi, lobster sticky rice, green asparagus, shell fish reduction 1000B
(After all the anticipation of the the sticky rice. It came as normal thai sticky rice with lobster chunks in the middle. This was rather disappointing. The shellfish reduction tasted like coloured water.... )

Ill give this dinner a 7/10.It is overpriced and not as spectacular as i hoped it would be.
Would i be back here again ? Most probably not.

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