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Bkk part 1

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Mar. 3rd, 2007 | 12:50 am

First Stop:
SomTum Nua
papaya salad restaurant
Siam Soi 5

papaya salad with crab 45 baht
"I have always liked thai papaya salad. sweet spicy crunchy . My first time ordering it with crab though and i was surprised the crab came in its shelled form. It was very inconvenient eating the crab meat having to squeeze it out of its shell"

Hot and spicy sliced charcoal-broiled pork neck 80baht
My favorite dish..... Sweet and spicy! The meat had an excellent texture!

Northeast style spicy soup with pork bone 80baht
"YUM! A lil too spicy for me but its worth it!"

spicy liver salad 70baht

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