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Brunch at Les amis

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Dec. 28th, 2006 | 02:22 pm

1 scotts road
#02-16 shaw centre

Drea's welcoming home meal


we both ordered the "gourmand set menu"
We had the honor of eating whatever chef wanted to cook.

I like surprises.

Carpaccio of bar de ligne, fresh walnut, vinaigre de Xeres
"i personally am not a big fan of fish, but this dish was a perfect starter!"

Roasted prawn wuth chilli nduja and pilaf
"a little hard to eat, but delicious"

Onion Gratin
" i love this dish. A good petit portion and onions never tasted this good"

A FOIE surpise!

pan fried foie gras, apple salad
"our favorite. Again, im biased to foie so i cant comment. Les amis' foie still the best in spore."

No idea what our last course would be, we waited in anticipation.

Grilled Beef
"Medium rare. Exceeded our expectations."

DESSERTS: anything we want on the menu?

chocolate fondant and orange blossom icecream
"decided to get a scoop of orange blossom icecream only. BUT since drea has a huge choc craving that day, i had to get the fondant. Honestly i could gobble a whole tub of orangeblossom icecream. still craving for it"

Drea's dessert:

chocolate souffle

Drea, a happy girl. Having a meal without dairy and butter at a french restaurant seems quite impossible. I completely forgot my dear fren doesnt take butter! BUT, never underestimating chef Gunther, he came out with this very delightful meal that contains no dairy leaving behind 2 very satisfied customers.

Am too full to walk...
Too good a meal.

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Comments {1}


from: anonymous
date: Jan. 1st, 2007 08:38 am (UTC)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for that meal sweets! THE best meal ive had since i got back! Foie Gras *drool* Deifinitely going back again, but im just not sure if Chef Gunthur will welcome me with open arms! *No cream No butter? Get out of my french restaurant!* =)

Thanks again babe. Next time, my treat =) loveya!


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