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15th November Dinner Menu: Mum's Bday

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Nov. 16th, 2006 | 03:16 am

15th November
Dinner Menu
(In Celebration of Mum’s Birthday))

Alaskan Crab with salted egg
(Special request)

Tofu, ginger, lime segments, lemon sorbet'
(think i could have done without the cherry tomato)


Spinach, Mint foam

Pear Mousse, Red wine reduction, japanese grapes
(really upset i still cant perfect my pear mousse. Tried a different method but still unsuccessful.)

Lemon Sorbet

Traditional rice with Chicken confit

Degust of soup in a shot glass
Apple soup with beetroot jelly

Grain fed WAGYU BEEF
Potato, carrot orange puree
(Tried it the LA way. I just love to have orange in all my menus)


Crème Brulee(ginger/coconut) with pineapple confit, ice cream
(choice of icecream: Lemon sorbet, greentea w/ red bean, mango, yoghurt)
"Feedback was that the coconut was much better."

Think i was only satisfied with the desserts.
Tired but satisfied with tonights dinner putting 10 smiles on everyone's faces before they left.

**many thanks to mich and gracie with the serving platting etc. couldnt have done it without you guys!

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