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8th November Dinner Menu

My morning started at 8am.
Chinatown market, then tiong bahru market. Checking out all the fresh seafood. Needed to get prawns and fish today.
Honestly, this is my first time in a market other than tekka. =) Probably my last too.

After a morning trip with mum to the markets and working in L.a for the rest of the day till 5. Talking to chefs about food ideas and methods of cooking.
I found that i rediscovered my passion once again for cooking. No particular cuisine, but a marriage of cuisines and cultures and of course in still in the process of fine tuning my palates.

Got to host a dinner today for dear friends.
Thanking you once again for your honest opinions. *smile*

8th November Dinner Menu


Bisque, Tempura, Veg Sushi


Pan Fried Cod, Veggie Mash, saffron hollandaise sauce

Foie Gras
Pear mousse, Red Wine sauce

Trifle Dessert Platter
Tiramisu with coffee jelly, mango berry, white/dark chocolate with japanese grapes
"redid this dessert for Luyi to try. Hope you liked it!
But.. i still think the mango berry needed more chilling! =/"

I am so exhausted. From a whole week of cooking and brainstorming.
Getting a break tom? i think not..
More desserts coming up tommorow!!
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