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Jan. 29th, 2008 | 03:14 pm

Dear all,
It has definately been sometime since i last blogged.

On a 14day foodie trip to the UNited states..

1st stop:

Dinner at WD-50

Hamachi tartare, wakame, sake lees tahini, grapefruit

Eggs benedict

French onion soup

Cuttlefish, squash, chamomile, orange, toast oil

Pizza pebbles, pepperoni, shiitake

Knot foie

Fried quail, banana tartar, nasturtium

Lamb belly, black chickpea, cherried cucumber

Lamb loin, potato noodles, mustard crumbs, pretzel consomme

Wagyu flat iron, coffee gnocchi, coconut, cipollini, sylvetta

Details will be added later!

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